Train photographer Izumi Hirota on E-M1X

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Re: It's the camera for train nuts!

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Perhaps the E-M1X will do better than most of us anticipate. I wonder if it is the very first camera with a "train" setting? That's gotta be a big selling point to train fanatics.

There are a lot of them in Japan. The train setting is certainly a rather humorous and surprising choice, but from my decades in software product development I know that some features get put in because there are people who the company, through direct contact, believes will really buy it with cold hard cash. I, of course, have no idea about this particular case, but Olympus may believe that in Asia and maybe elsewhere that this one feature might almost assure a certain number of sales. They may be right, they may be wrong. For everyone else, I gather, that the train setting is not mandatory and can be turned off. Just like IBIS, AF, face detect, and a thousand other settings in all cameras made by everyone.

I can't get over the number of people who are confused by the existence of the AI modes on the E-M1X.

They aren't included because Olympus thinks there's a huge market of train watchers (or whatever else the AI is able to do).

They are there so that people get used to the idea, and so that it's very, very clear where Olympus is headed in terms of computational photography.

The fact that the current AI helpers are setup for trains (or whatever), likely has very little to do with Olympus focussing on train photogs with the E-M1x. It's more likely to do be because at the time of release, the AI on that style of object was effective, and the AI for other things wasn't quite there yet.

The E-M1x is a halo product. It's purpose is not just to be a high end camera, but to give an idea where Olympus is headed in the future (and for the handful of idiots who assume I'm suggesting that the E-M1x means that Olympus is going for big and heavy cameras in the future.......just no. It's a technology showcase).

I am hoping that other modes will become downloadable as firmware updates.

You may only be able to hold 4 in the memory, but perhaps you will be able to select which 4 from an eventual list of 10 or whatever.

That be fine by me, seeing that I own two E-M1X.

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