Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

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... the only downside being size/weight compared to the 18-55.

So many people call it “The Brick” but it surprised me by being lighter than I anticipated! Makes up for any “bulk” with it’s stunning optics.

Its 100grams lighter than the Nikon 17-55 f2.8 DX, which is excellent by the way.

I think pairing the XT4 with a 16-55 is a no brainer unless you need something light. In that case, there are many options, from several primes to the XF 18-55 or even a XC 16-50.

The 16-55 image quality is marginal better than the 18-55. Sure if you're shooting professionally, but no way for the average prosumer.. Too heavy and not worth it.

Sorry, but I’ve owned and pretty extensively used both lenses, and I would characterize the IQ differences (particularly on the long end) as significantly greater than marginal. That’s not a ding on the 18-55, mind you, and I enjoyed using that lens for a good long time after acquiring my X-T1 years ago. It’s very versatile and great deal, particularly when purchased as a kit lens. However, the difference in IQ across the lens’ range coupled with the constant f/2.8 aperture strongly differentiate the two IMHO. Also, you’re own characterization of 16-55 as “too heavy” is highly subjective. I use it with the X-H1 and the pair balance beautifully. With a very small body, that may be more of an issue.

So, to each his own, however my own view of the same two lenses strongly differs from yours.

Twice the weight and 3x the price.  Is it 3x as good?  That's hard to justify..  It might be 1.5x as good.  A little better in the corners, sure..

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