Fuji XT4 vs Olympus EM1 mk iii

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Re: Fuji XT4 vs Olympus EM1 mk iii


I own both systems. I used to have a E-M1 mk1 and tons of lenses. Then, I got robbed and restarted with Fuji (X-T1). Later on, I re-bought into the MFT system (E-M10 mk1, mk2, Pany GM5 and many lenses).

Today I use two X-T20 and Fuji primes (14mm f2.8, 18 f2, 23 f2, 35 f1.4 and 56 f1.2) and two Panasonic bodies : GM5 and GX9 along a few lenses: Pany 12-32, Pany 14 f2.5, Oly 17 f1.8, Oly 45 f1.8 and Oly 12-100 f4. I used to have many more MFT lenses in the past before I got robbed.

Overall, I like shooting with my Fujis much better so the MFT stays home most of the time. I now use MFT when I want something really small and I use the GM5 and a small lens. The exception is traveling when I want to have a single lens combo. That's when the GX9 and 12-100 f4 comes into play. This lens is just incredibly good! One would never believe it's so good given the range it covers, straight from f4. It's probably the best overall zoom I've ever used, regardless of the system. It easily beat any Fuji zoom I've ever had.

I tried several Fuji zooms and have never been impressed: 18-55, 55-200, 16-50, 15-45, 55-200. I sold them all. Was never fully happy with the IQ. Granted, I never tried the best ones (16-55 and 50-140), but still.

In comparison, I find MFT zooms much better. For instance the 12-40 f2.8 provides much better IQ than all Fuji zooms above.

Now, please find my answers to your specific questions below:

  • Hoping for better AF performance from Fuji (is this true?)

I generally find Fuji AF to be more accurate in single AF than Oly. However, I find Pany single AF to be also more accurate than Oly. Generally, I find Oly or Pany AF to be a bit faster, but it depends a lot on the lens being used. First generation Fuji lenses are a bit on the slow side. Newer lenses are better though.

I can't comment on tracking as I don't use it.

  • Better videos with Fuji

I don't shoot video so can't comment.

  • Better IQ with Fuji (thought not sure how much I will be affected by this with my shooting profile)

Yes, definitely, but does it really matter? I've printed very large prints from my 16MP MFT bodies. Fuji will have more DR for sure and better smoothness in gradation. I find I can push my Fuji files more in pp than MFT files.

Also, I love Fuji jpeg output. It easily beats Oly and Pany for my taste. Very convenient when shooting raw+jpeg since you get very good jpegs and the RAW files "in case".

  • Future sustainability - keep hearing doubts about the future of Olympus and the MFT market

I wouldn't worry about this. Even if Oly were to leave the market, it doesn't mean your system can't take pics anymore. No brands is forever either...

Main concerns are:

  • Better ergonomics of EM1 (maybe an added grip to the XT4 will fix this?)

It's very subjective. When I purchased my X-T1, I was used to the Oly E-M1. Early on, I thought the E-M1 ergonomics and controls were much better than the Fuji. However, as time went on, I started to change my mind. Nowadays, I think the exact opposite: I love Fuji controls and taking pictures with it. In terms of handling (shape of the body), I still believe the E-M1 is more comfortable to hold than the X-T series.

However, what I love about Fuji is the smaller bodies: the X-T20/30 and X-E3. They are as small as the E-M10/Pany GX9 series while offering a larger sensor.

  • More familiarity with the Olympus system

Getting used to the Fuji way will take some time.

  • Seemingly more lens options with Olympus

More doesn't necessarily means better. For instance, I find the Fuji lineup more interesting although there are fewer lenses. Oly has no equivalent to Fuji 14mm f2.8 for instance. The equivalent to the Fuji 23 f1.4 is huge in Oly land. Oly has no equivalent to the 56 f1.2 (with AF) and Fuji 90mm f2, etc.

On the other hand Fuji has no equivalent to the Oly 12-100 f4 or Oly 9-18 (in term of size).

It all depends on what lenses interest you.

  • Financial impact of having to switch systems

Very large impact indeed.

  • 12-40mm f2.8 proven lens quality vs. 16-80mm f4 lens (don't know much about it)

The 12-40 is by FAR the better lens. I had high hopes for the 16-80 f4 and was thinking of buying it. After downloading several RAW files shot with it and looking at pictures shot with it around the web, I won't even consider buying it.

You will be very disappointed by its IQ, especially the corners who never get very sharp at any aperture.

  • Better IBIS with Olympus(?)

Oly IBIS is still leading the market today. No contest (and this is without dual IS which is awesome).

In short, my main questions to you gurus are:

  • Do you think it's worth the switch?

If you're mainly a zoom shooter I'd say no, you will be disappointed by the Fuji zooms.

If you're a prime shooter and If you're interested in large aperture primes and better DOF control (like me), you will be happier with Fuji.

  • Is (Fuji)16-80mm f4 better/comparable to the (Oly) 12-40mm f2.8?

Again: forget about the 16-80. The 12-40 is the much better lens.

Same goes with all other "normal" Fuji zooms, except the 16-55 f2.8 that I haven't tested. It's supposed to be very good, but still I'm not sure it'd be better than the Oly.

  • Any other factors I should take into account?

I think you listed pretty much everything worth mentioning

Good luck in your decision!

Let us know what you finally decided!

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