Survival of the K-mount in the mirrorless world.

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Re: The trend towards mirrorless

Mark Ransom wrote:

People keep saying that mirrorless is cheaper to make, but I haven't seen any evidence. I think that's just an unfounded assumption.

Pretty simple thinking, less parts (significantly so v a DSLR), and faster assembly. There are no doubts that they are cheaper to manufacture. It's pretty much impossible they're not. Even looking at Sony they save money reusing the same (IMO not that good and boring) body design

PCs have one advantage over cameras - as the technology progresses, the chips become smaller and thus cheaper. A camera sensor is a major part of the expense, and those never become smaller. That's not to say cameras won't become cheaper, they just won't do it on the same time scale as other electronic products.

I don't think sensors cost that much these days, volume is higher and it's no longer considered a bit expense where it might have been 10 years ago

Only way to ensure they wipe themselves out is to keep jacking prices up, has not worked and never will. Camera gear isn't in high demand, even more so with Covid

Raising prices due to lower demand just drives the demand even lower. That's a bad feedback loop.

That was their plan, and it didn't work out so well. Now things are different with Covid - overnight demand which wasn't that high has tumbled heavily. I suspect it won't recover either. There will be corporate casualties

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