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Re: maybe Pentax could show innovation

Heliar wrote:

iso rivolta wrote:

Heliar wrote:

Daft Punk wrote:

If Pentax releases a new K1 with full mirrorless capability and hundreds of AF points in live view, and great video specs, they can take my money.

Do you think this could happen?

It certainly could. AFAIK Sony sensors nowadays are often sold with the whole PDAF package.

Do we want it, though? Isn't the whole point of DSLR is cherishing the real time, unobstructed view in OVF? Plus, on sensor PDAF comes with quirks like potential striping and banding.

This is a real worry. From what I've seen, striping was not seen yet with the D780 and the banding is reduced compared with Z6 with which it shares the sensor. K70 seems to be also fine.

K70 seems to be fine, but it doesn't have a lot of PDAF points.

That is true. Unfortunately, I believe the trend is towards more and more PDAF points on the main sensor even for DSLRs and Pentax is probably heading the same way. For now only Olympus has cross-type points and using less pixels, so there is less of a pattern visible.

Anyway, it certainly is true, that the problems introduced by on-sensor pdaf module can be dealt with to negligible impact. The thing is, how much of the extra work needs to be done on the image processor's side to make it so. IMO there are reasons why L mount alliance opted out of on sensor phase detect.

I've read a few interviews with representatives from Panasonic and indeed, they were claiming that filling in missing pixels is a problem. I'm not a fan of on-sensor PDAF as Sony implemented it. I think Canon has the advantage here with double pixel AF using all pixels.

Personally, I'm a fan of a solution from one of the Ricoh's patents. They described a small CCD sensor built into pentaprism area, which allows for using contrast detect AF while using optical viewfinder. The patent didn't describe how it would work along the PDAF sensor below mirror, but it certainly could make a difference in focusing, with PDAF taking care of most the work, and CDAF helping to nail critical focus with narrow DOF shots.

Contrast detection with a secondary sensor was first introduced by Canon T80 in 1986. I'm not sure if that would help much. Alignment problems would make this again prone to misfocus. Would be better to have CDAF as a final step on the main sensor.

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