Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

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Re: The Brick

supernova86 wrote:

AnastieByte wrote:

57LowRider wrote:

... the only downside being size/weight compared to the 18-55.

So many people call it “The Brick” but it surprised me by being lighter than I anticipated! Makes up for any “bulk” with it’s stunning optics.

Its 100grams lighter than the Nikon 17-55 f2.8 DX, which is excellent by the way.

I think pairing the XT4 with a 16-55 is a no brainer unless you need something light. In that case, there are many options, from several primes to the XF 18-55 or even a XC 16-50.

The 16-55 image quality is marginal better than the 18-55.  Sure if you're shooting professionally, but no way for the average prosumer..  Too heavy and not worth it.

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