Survival of the K-mount in the mirrorless world.

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Re: The trend towards mirrorless

Luis Fonseca wrote:

Maxxum Fan wrote:

justmeMN wrote:

Mark Ransom wrote: But I get a little tired of the assumption that DSLRs are on the endangered species list.

The trend is pretty clear.

This is the trend

Mirrorless won't save them

This is the last years trend but we tend to forget that camera had a boom in sales with digital cameras.

Many people that didn't have a camera or had a simple film P&S started buying digital cameras. Then came smartphone that replaced that need for digital cameras for most of the consumers.

Today the p&s camera is dead because smartphones are good enough and everyone has one on their pocket. Some niche fixed (non interchangable) lens cameras wil survive, I guess the ones with huge zooms or large sensors (1" or bigger) or waterproof may survive.

But there will always be a place for ILC.

Today ILC cameres are all excelent. Almost noone really needs a better camera than the one they already have so sales will keep going down until they reach a plateau. They will go on for a long time, but will smaller sales figures and not all will be able to survive.

I know it is clearly there in blue and red but please note the different scales for cameras vs smartphones (a factor of 10).

Will there be a place for ILCs... yes for a while yet. You are right, they are very capable.

But when Ricoh/Pentax is 3.1% of the DSLR market (2019 in Japan), which is a shrinking portion of the ILC market, which is overall a shrinking market... of course Ricoh/Pentax says there will be a resurgence of DSLRs...


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