Dust protecor (IR filter) is STILL on backorder!

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Re: Dust protecor (IR filter) is STILL on backorder!

SigmaTog wrote:

EEvan wrote:

I have a .stl file for one I made. It should fit 2mm thick by 34mm rounds. (That's what I could find cheaply for filters)

But I think anything under 38mm and thinner then 2mm can be made to fit. Actually the thinner the better for printing as that lip is to provide extra support for a thicker glass round.

How can I purchase some of these please ?

I don't have any anymore, but if you or know someone with a 3D printer you can print it yourself, i can just send you the .stl file.

You then need to buy a IR cut filter from somewhere (I've used ebay and Kolarvision)


I'd be happy to mail out one next time I switch my printer back to ABS. But I wanted to offer the files for anyone who needs a replacement filter and wants to go the DIY route since I also got stuck waiting a while when I ordered some replacements as well.

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