Macbook Air better buy than new low end Macbook?

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Re: Macbook Air better buy than new low end Macbook?

1stAde wrote:

I've been waiting years to buy the right new Macbook Pro. You'll laugh at me when I say I am using an old Macbook Pro from 2009! (The first with the aluminium design, that I could update so with a large SSD, and increased RAM). I can't afford the high end models, and Apple always cripple the lower end 2 Pro models. The last 13" release I would have gone for, if they hadn't got that problematic keyboard. I've been waiting for the new update, knowing they would fix the keyboard likely get a processor update. Of course they have done that for the higher 2 models, but have kept lower end with 8th Gen intel, and slower RAM.

When I compare the i5 Macbook air for 1299 (I'm UK, so will ignore currency), but the Macbook air has slighly slower clock speed, but 10th Gen processor, faster RAM, and double Storage (512Gb SSD rather than 256), as well as being lighter weight.

I think the screens are comparable, but the Air doesn't have the Touch bar, that I think I can live without. Same number of Thunderbolt ports.

Is that true? I have a MBP 13" (2018) and my son has a Macbook Air (2019) and the MBP has double the TB3 ports (4 vs 2). I looked at the Apple site and it still appears the MBP has 4 tb3 ports while the Air has 2.

So for 1299, surely the Air is better option than the base Macbook pro? I wonder with 10th Gen and faster RAM, that it probably performs similarly to the 13" Pro?



I will say that the difference in battery life is substantial on the last iteration. Not sure that is still true.  My son's Air can run most the day while I''m looking to plug-in power in a couple hours.   I'm also surprised how fast the Air is even with the slower clockspeed and such.  It really is a sweet machine.'s gear's gear list
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