SR1 high res macro

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Re: SR1 high res macro

Keith Cooper wrote:

iso rivolta wrote:

I was impressed by the way the more forgiving mode limited blur from movement whilst still extracting more detail from the truly static bits.

This would limit the method to very particular jobs.

Yes, however I do technical/commercial stuff in a studio, so flowers/insects/fungi/outdoors don't get a look in for my macro work - YMMV!

BTW, are you allowed to say what was the 100mm lens you tested? It looks that it has extreme lateral chromatic aberrations. Thank you.

It is indeed the Laowa 100mm f/2.8 2x Ultra Macro APO - at the time I'd been asked to test it. This post was just before it was formally announced IIRC

Thank you for these two reviews, these look very interesting to me.

I think flash isn't going to be supported soon with HR mode. For pixel shift, to avoid any shutter shock before and in between the frames, the shutter must be completely electronic which would limit flash sync speed to probably 1/15 s. I guess they don't want to offer this poor spec. Olympus with their smaller sensor syncs at 1/50 s and can have flash with HR.

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