Macbook Air better buy than new low end Macbook?

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Re: Macbook Air better buy than new low end Macbook?

I'm in the US and the pricing structure is different. I believe the screen on the Pro has a larger color gamut than the Air. Specifications also say it's brighter. They are virtually the same size. The Pro is a around 136 grams heavier. For quick bursts there is likely very little difference in performance. Because of better cooling the pro will likely be able to sustain higher clock speeds for longer periods. If I'm not mistaken the integrated graphics on the 10th generation chips is better than that on the 8th generation chips. BTW, the graphics on the i5 Air are better than the graphics on the i3 Air. Ram upgrade in US is only $100 on the Pro while it's still $200 on the Air. So at least in the US they are priced virtually identically with 256gb SSD, i5, and 16gb of ram. Price of SSD upgrade is the same. My take is that the way they are configured and priced in the US the Pro would generally be a better choice unless a person feels the low end Air is sufficient. Pricing for you might change that equation. And I also think that if you want to upgrade 1 of either ram to 16gb or SSD to 512 that might change the equation.

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