Survival of the K-mount in the mirrorless world.

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Re: Indeed...Definately not my world.

Alex Sarbu wrote:

xmeda wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

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K0d wrote:

With every mirrorless Pentax thread the desire for nearly all features were met in this camera with a dedicated K mount adapter with AF 4K etc.

Samsung NX1 Review: Digital Photography Review

So how how many of you purchased one?

Cheers Pierre

If only Samsung bought Pentax 10 years ago...

then Pentax would be dead by now, killed when Samsung closed their camera division.


Definitely no.

Definitely no? Based on what?

Samsung NX had completely new mount. That was the problem. They were not pursuing the chance enough and without stable customer base it was problematic.

So in your opinion what didn't happen with the NX would've definitely happen with K-mount? No offense, but this sounds like wishful thinking.

But using K mount cameras - that would be much more successful. They were selling Pentax clones and modified cameras + lenses for several years. Customer base was there around 2008-2010 and was plentiful. Also there were many lenses available and already developed system that only needed new sensors and R&D investments.

If Pentax only needed new sensors and R&D investments, then they must be now in a great position...

Don't misunderstand, a willing owner - instead of Hoya, someone who would care about the Imaging division rather than seeing it as extra luggage to be thrown away at the first opportunity - would've most likely helped. Perhaps a lot.

And I'm talking about then, when the market was growing and DSLRs not yet mature, and Pentax' position stronger.


Unfortunately Samsung decided to drop any connections to K mount completely and started new system from scratch. That alone was raised finger for all those previous Samsung customers already invested in Kmount.

The facts we know about Samsung:

- they didn't do much "collaborating" with Pentax. In retrospective, their intention was never to co-develop K-mount with Pentax.

- they attempted the NX and NX-mini lines instead. Partnering with Pentax was not considered.

- they completely gave up.

Which of those makes you think Samsung could've been interested in getting Pentax (a Pentax that was actually for sale after 2008), and invest in K-mount instead of their NX, and not give up?

Your Samsung is a direct opposite of the real one.


There is a reason why Samsung left the camera market, because there isn't much of one left. Whilst I think it was a waste of time for their NX users and unfortunate - reality bites on 2020, not many people are buying new camera gear. And it's only going to get worse at a much faster pace.

Mix the phones for most and abundance of cheap s/h gear, there is very little reason to buy new expensive cameras/lenses, even for those who are deeply into photography.

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