Trying film again after years of shooting digital

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Nice shots

You picked good prime lenses, good film, and the scans are great too. These look fantastic.

Another fun thing to do is get adapters for the normal and long lenses to use them on your digital camera. I got adapters for my 50/1.8 and 300/4.5 to use on my Olympus E-M10.3. The old lenses aren't generally optically as good as modern lenses, but they render in a way that makes them look nice, and they're also a quite affordable way to get fast-ish telephotos. This OM Zuiko 300/4.5 acts like a 600/4.5 on the E-M10, and they feel so good to operate. It brings some of the tactile pleasure to digital.

This is really fun!

How about posting a pic of your rig?

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