RX100 M3 EVF not working when facing bright light

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Re: RX100 M3 EVF not working when facing bright light

Vsbastosx wrote:

mikan wrote:

Thank you all very much for your input, I appreciate it! It indeed seems that the problem is caused by the light reflecting my face. I don't wear glasses but I wear physical sun screen (FYI, physical sun screen just stays on the skin and reflects UV Ray whereas chemical sunscreen gets absorbed in the skin and absorbs UV Ray). I also wear eye shadows with a little bit sparkles on them, so altogether, my face might be more reflective than a typical face.

I did further experiments, and when the EVF is directed towards the sun and blacks out, if I cover the eye sensor, EVF turns on. And if I put my eye very very close to the EVF, so close that my eye lashes are smeared on the EVF lens, then it actually turns on! So the only possible reason seems that the light is reflecting off my face and fooling the eye sensor!!

So now I wonder, if female owners might have experienced this issue. Or male/female owners who wear physical sunscreen, e.g. cyclists who take pictures while cycling?

Hi Mikan,

I've just bought a used RX100 V and I have the same problem. LCD goes black if it pointed to bright light. It comes back when you take the camera to the shadow.

I found that this might be addressed if you clean the proximity sensor that is on the right side of the EVF (very small rectangle....right where the word EXMOR is written). Just use a swab or blow some air. Also, make sure that the EVF is not too dirty. I clean mine with a LENSPEN for EVfs.

I did this and I stopped having this problem.


Thank you for the tip! I've just used the Rocket blower to clean the area you mentioned. I'll soon take it outside to try it out.

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