35mm (50mm equivalent) fixed lens x series?

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Re: 35mm (50mm equivalent) fixed lens x series?

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It would be to me, since 28 and 35 are both too wide to be useful for me. I'd actually rather have 40-45mm than either. But that's what ILCs and small primes are for. I've mostly given up hope of ever getting the camera I really want. I'll take the size and weight penalty and make my own.

I think the X-E3 with the 27mm 2.8 eliminates any size penalty at all, since it is smaller than the X100. I guess losing f2 is a penalty though.


I have flirted with the idea of the 27mm pancake but the honestly the f/2 is pretty important for me. A big reason I am unhappy with my current x100f is the focal length and also the softness at f/2. I have been shooting at f3.2 or lower. Maybe once in a while f2.8, and in the end concluded that I do like that shallow depth of field for my particular style of street photography. I might yet try out the combination of xe3/xt30 with the 27mm pancake before making a final decision.

Have you seen the 35mm f2 on an X-E3/X-T30 in person? I know it's not as small as the pancake 27mm f2.8 but it's by no means a big lens. I have both lenses and an X-T30 and either ones makes for a pretty compact kit. I guess the 35mm won't fit as easily into a big coat pocket or something, but I don't think it would make you stand out more in a crowd or anything. Plus it's just a better lens, extra stop of light, aperture ring, faster AF. I do like the 27mm because of its size, but if I could only keep one, I'd probably keep the 35mm.

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