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The_Hammerhead wrote:

After testing this lens I was surprised how sharp this full ranged zoom is. There is no other useful travel zoom for Nikon FX cameras. Forget the Nikkor 28-300mm VR it is miles away comparing to the 24-120 mm F4 VR. Forget the cheaper 24-120 mm F 3,5-4,5 VR it is disappointing at all.

It is a little heavy but this is the tribute to good quality and best performance. In case I need more range I would choose another lens for example the Nikkor 70-200 mm F4 VR. Maybe in the future they will find a way to built a 10-300 mm F 1,0 zoom with perfect performance. Until then we have to make compromises.

I used to be a 24 -120 defender. I recently got a 2k monitor and better understood the complaints about the lens. In regards to a reference point, I have never used or examined files from the 28 -300. My first travel lens was the 24 -85. It was decent, but I would never use it again if the 24 -120 was available.

What I will say is that the 24 -120 is a great snap shot lens. I often travel with it because of the reach and colors/contrast. I find it to be pretty good for pictures taken in the 3' to 20' range, but would not use it for landscape or city-scape type pictures if I cared about fine detail. So in regards to travel, it depends on what is important. I would probably still take it for the convenience, but I think more about when to use it.

As for the 10 - 300 F1.0 zoom, it would make the 800 mm look cheap.

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