SR1 high res macro

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Re: SR1 high res macro

Hi Keith,

So, if the 187 MP HR mode is diffraction limited at very open apertures, possibly at F4 or even F2.8, this would mean a couple of things:

i) some of the lenses cannot be used at their optimal aperture, so if you want resolution, more aberrations could be present if the aperture for the best resolution is more open than the aperture for least aberrations (e.g. chromatic);

ii) if the object is 3D and you want resolution plus deeper DOF, a lot of stacking is necessary to be combined with pixel shifting; this would require more total time and make the result more exposed to ambient vibration blur.

This would limit the method to very particular jobs.

BTW, are you allowed to say what was the 100mm lens you tested? It looks that it has extreme lateral chromatic aberrations. Thank you.

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