Question on backing up External Drive with Time Machine

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Re: Question on backing up External Drive with Time Machine

JT26 wrote:

I'll give you my workflow / backup workflow so you see what is backed up.


All on Amazon Cloud

This is your primary/working copy, or a backup?

RAID Drive on RAID 1 so effectively two copies

RAID gives you high availability, but not a backup. You can have a controller problem which corrupts both disks, or if you delete a file inadvertently or overwrite it, that get repeated on both disks. This is external?

Is this a copy of the Amazon cloud storage? OK, you have redundancy there.

1 x External Hard Drive

Another complete copy of the RAID? So double redundancy, which is good. But how is it synced/backed up?

Then what I consider the important trips on dropbox as well

Copy three. That's pretty safe, except see below.


RAID 1 as above

1 x Large External drive when project is completed

1 x Working SSD (subject of my post)

1 x (currently) Time machine of that working SSD

Dropbox backup as amazon limits video files

Again, three copies, so good.

Do you think the above is good enough?

Sadly, no

Having redundant copies, including one or two 'off-site' (in your case cloud storage) protects you against device failure, fire, theft, anything that borks the entire storage system. It does not protect against user error (deleting the wrong file, screwing up an edit) or software error (corruption of a file). For that you need either a multi-volume backup system (e.g. one copy for each day of the  week, retain end-of-week for a month, retain end-of month for a year), or an incremental backup such as Time Machine. Which you're doing now, so you'll be in pretty good shape. Don't forget to test you can restore files at will from that Time Machine backup when it's done.

Maybe a NAS Drive is best in future. I have about 5tb of files and rapidly counting

As backup? No point, unless you're backup up multiple machines. For external storage ditto really, unless you require access from multiple machines. Exception is if you want wireless access, otherwise DAS is cheaper and faster.

There are some big disks out there now.

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