How do I sell an expensive camera locally/safely?

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Re: How do I sell an expensive camera locally/safely?

Meet up in a public place in broad daylight. Infront a police station if possible (many will let you do this). Although most of my dealings have just been infront of a starbucks with a bank in the same plaza.

Make sure you post clear photos of every aspect of the camera. Disclose all flaws no matter how small before you meet up. A light cosmetic scratch? Tell them. A 3rd party lens cap or charging cable? Tell them. Make sure they understand all issues and are agreed on a price before you meet up.

If someone pulls the "now that I'm here I'm only going to pay (insert lower amount)" because of something you already clearly told them about, stick to your original agreed upon price, and if they insist or get aggressive at all, politely leave and never do business with them. A small number of people will always go in with the intent of not paying the agreed upon price even if the product is what they thought it would be, these people will always try to screw you over and aren't worth dealing with.

Accept cash and only cash. Do not accept paypal or a cheque, too many ways they can scam you. You may be able to get them to go into a bank and get some sort of guaranteed transfer, but I am unaware of this type of thing - might be worth looking in to, but cash is the only thing I am personally willing to accept. Agree on the method of payment before you meet up

If you are concerned at all about theft, take a friend with, something that's relatively normal for a transaction of that amount (especially a good idea if you are smaller or frail or elderly or female or any list of things that would embolden someone thinking you are an easier target)

I've never once had an issue other than leaving a deal when someone changes the price, but I'm also a big guy in a relatively safe area of canada, so risks could be higher elsewhere. There will always be risks in such things, and that's up to you.

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