XEON for video/image editing?

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Re: thanks all...found a possible laptop

foot wrote:

foot wrote:

I've been looking for a new box to do video/image editing on, and have found some good deals on renewed intel XEON with 64 Gig of RAM. For < $700. It has a dedicated GPU but I'm not sure which one...I could replace it later on if need be


Is the XEON (8 cores/16 threads) still a viable choice? For the price...I'm sure it can easily be beat by newer boxes, but at a much steeper price point




Thanks all, a lot of good info to go thru

I did take a look at the new ryzen laptops, they do offer a lot of value and performance for the money. I couldn't find one with 32gig ram and I'm concerned that the ones I saw couldn't be upgraded to 32gig - you had to buy it installed, or be limited to 16 or 24 gig

I just get so frustrated when memory usage tops out!!!

It's pretty frustrating to do online shopping, when I type in 'ryzen laptop 32gig ram' and it keeps bringing up 16gig machines...what, are they hoping I'll order one by accident? *sheesh*

I also plan to do some android software development, so more cores/threads would be good

I thought about building a custom desktop, but didn't want to hassle with drivers, installing win10pro, etc. But at least I could install 2x 32gig for 64gig total, and later on add more ram if needed

thanks again


I just stumbled across this laptop:


ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop 15.6" IPS Full HD, Core i7-9750H, GTX 1650, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 6-Core up to 4.50 GHz, RGB Backlit KB, RJ-45 Ethernet, BT, HDMI, Win 10


I wouldn't worry about 32GB of RAM not being available on laptops stock. I'd just YouTube whatever model you're looking at because it's very easy on some usually taking just a few screws and it's right there.

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