Sigma Foveon Raw Development

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Re: Sigma Foveon Raw Development

digi2ap wrote:

DMillier wrote:

Are you sure?

This old thread suggests significant problems.

My hazy recollection was that later versions of the Dp1 (s, x, ??) also had issues but I don't remember the details and I never had any of those cameras. The first version of the DP1 definitely works, I had that one. Any other Lightroom users out there like to chip in...

Yes, as I have the SD15 and I have tried it. So no problems but I still prefer SPP as it gets the best out of the files. A two stage process to develop in SPP and then post-produce in LR also suits my way of working with images.

To clarify: Lightroom attempts to function with the SD15. It sometimes works, especially with outside shots. It struggles with shots in unbalanced light, the white balance is wrong and the colors sometimes way off; there were some changes between the SD14 and SD15 that Adobe didn't bother to track. They gave up after that.

In other words, you might get lucky with LR and the SD15, but you will run into issues eventually.

As to the original question: Iridient is much faster, and offers very nice control over every detail of the conversion, especially sharpening. SPP is much simpler and more straightforward to use, and has Fill Light, which is occasionally useful, although it is slower (not as bad as when these cameras were new) and somewhat clunky in operation.

In my own use with those old cameras (which I still use occasionally, as they're so light and small), I use SPP for most stuff, and Iridient for the occasional file I'm willing to put extra effort into. What a lot of folks do is use SPP in batch mode on groups of files to do the initial conversion (to TIFF) and then do finer work in Photoshop or the equivalent.


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