Dust protecor (IR filter) is STILL on backorder!

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Re: Dust protecor (IR filter) is STILL on backorder!

Scott, I really hope that you are not going to order a camera from Sigma to get the IR filter out of it and send it back afterwards hoping that they don‘t notice. Or if they notice, to lie on them saying it was never installed. That would be wrong on many levels. I am a bit shocked that you openly share ideas like this.

It is really easy to get the IR filter out and in again. You must be careful and follow the description in the manual. I did it on my SD1 and the sd Quattro H several times. No problems so far.

The other option was already mentioned as well. Send the camera to Sigma and you get it back as clean as you can think of.

The last option. Instead of checking the status online, why don‘t you give them a call? With a bit of luck, they can provide a spare IR filter. But try to be nice and don‘t start blaming them for not having the filters available online.

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