Extreme Teal&Orange mode (Warning: colors not for the faint of heart!)

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Re: Shield your eyes!!

G Radford wrote:


The most authentic looking Aerochrome-like colors I've had, are with my FS-converted Sony a7R, using the Nick Spiker Aerochrome profile. You end up with subtle red/magenta tones, along with Aerochrome-like color switches (ie. red car tail-ights switch to yellow/green). https://www.nickspiker.com/blog/search-digital-kodak-aerochrome/

Nick's examples show what I've recently come to appreciate regards Aerochrome... it's a low contrast, low saturation film stock! Something that I subconsciously steer clear of; my processing just swings the other way.

I did look at producing my own RAW converter for Infracolour but despite my best efforts, whatever logic I applied for WB just didn't work

I think the color is better on SD1M, but LV on the SDQ is essential for bw IR.

I handhold 720nm IR shots with the SD1M, I use an oversized filter so it's easy to cover the front of the lens and snap away:

The Batman cometh?

I use CWB on a gray target, for all color IR shots, with no filter and with the IR Chrome filter.

Cool, thanks − I do likewise.

On my FS-converted Sony a7R, I gave up on the IR Chrome, because grass and foliage always ended up looking orange. On the sdQH, everything is red, with sharply contrasting blue. It's unique, so I'll see how far it goes.

I've been playing with colour correcting my B+W 099 shots sans Channel Swap. But not having true white and black points in a shot is frustrating me, I need to change to a mathematical approach I think (... it worked so well the last time!)

In a fit of pique I did stumble across an adjustment that mimicked 590nm Infracolour, using a Channel Swap though hence the halos around the top of the tree line. P.S. the lighthouse wasn't meant to be so central but I had to crop out a massive flare caused by the filter; old school, no coatings...

As per usual though there's not much subtlety, and far too contrasty


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