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ken_in_nh wrote:

Murrango wrote:

Some Canon lenses (like your EF macro lens) have mechanical manual focus. The camera doesn't know that you are focusing manually unless you set the lens switch to MF. Actually, you should never turn the focus ring unless the switch is set to MF first, to prevent any possible damage to the mechanism.

This is assuredly not true. Many Canon lenses allow "full time manual focus". Here's a discussion: https://community.usa.canon.com/t5/EOS/Damage-to-camera-motor-or-lens-if-we-manually-turn-focus-on-AF/m-p/236207#M30991

Thank you Ken for pointing that out. You are of course correct. Some USM lenses allow for full time manual focus with the switch set to AF, while others do not and can be damaged unless the switch is set to MF - it depends on the type of USM motor that Canon used in a particular lens.

I gave the OP that advise, for his particular lens, because I mistakenly thought that it had the earlier "Micro Motor" type of USM. I knew that it couldn't be the newest "Nano" type, because those are focus by wire, and focus peaking would have worked with the switch set to AF - which the OP confirmed did not. I had completely forgotten that there was an intermediate "Ring type", which does have full time manual focus, but not focus by wire. It turns out that the OP's macro lens is ring type.

So thanks again Ken, and my apologies to the OP for the erroneous advice. Feel free to focus your macro lens in any mode, you won't damage it. But, you will still need to set the switch to MF for focus peaking to work on your M6.

I will add though, that with all the different variations of lenses that Canon has made over the years, it is probably a good idea, just to be on the safe side, to read the manual for any lenses you acquire, before starting to play around with them.

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