Planning for my DSLR Future and I think it's the 7D Mark II

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Re: Planning for my DSLR Future and I think it's the 7D Mark II


Arrived after you purchased the camera, but I'll make some comments anyway.

I own both ends of the Canon APS-C spectrum: a nimble SL1 and a 7DM2 and have used them extensively for the past six years for paid work and leisure. (Also own Fuji gear and have owned Nikon gear, but that's no relevant)

As you said, the 7DM2 is a beast of a camera. This is a profesional tool. It feels much better when paired with Canon's more expensive lenses, which are generally heavier than their consumer line of glass. The reason is the chassis itself and the shutter mechanism: both are made to be abused by pros everyday to make some $.

I also had a 6D for a brief period. Even though the image quality was considerably better on the full frame camera, I sold it because I was looking for something tougher with better video focusing. So I gave up a little bit of image quality to gain a lot in general usability with the transfer. It was a business decision, no feelings involved.

For trips and street photography I NEVER take my 7DM2. That's were the diminutive SL1 comes in. Weighs nothing. Has above average image quality with the include kit zoom and I use it with central point AF only. The battery lasts what feels like forever. Fell out of the bag and broke? Not a major problem, since they are cheap to replace. Heck, it weighs less than my Fuji XF100, which is more of a specialty camera with its fixed lens.

Hope this helps.

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