Planning for my DSLR Future and I think it's the 7D Mark II

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Re: Planning for my DSLR Future and I think it's the 7D Mark II

Mike-G wrote:

Distinctly Average wrote:

I carry mine on a slick strap. Carried like that with the 100-400II I barely notice it is there. I never really bother about the weight as the strap tends to take all the load. My xxD cameras are not that much lighter but as I tend to use those for macro, no strap is attached so do feel a little more cumbersome despite being smaller.

Is it worth it? IMO yes. The 7D2 allows me to get many shots I would struggle with otherwise.

I carry mine of a Black Rapid for up to six hours on my morning walks. The weight isn't an issue at all while carrying it, but I did notice some shoulder tightness afterwards. Turned out that my strap had loosened up over the winter while wearing it over a ski jacket.

I've been trying to capture Red-winged Blackbirds in flight as they buzz around our marshes. They're not Swallow-tough but are fairly challenging for my lowly skills. The 7D2 is far better than the 80D when it comes to focusing against busy backgrounds.

I used to use a black rapid too. It was such a relief after the OEM neck strap. Only problem was the carabiner wore through inside 12 months, same on the second one I had. I switched to the Peak Design a coup,e of years ago and now prefer it as the camera stays more stable being connected by two points.

When you get a shot of the blackbirds, let me know. I would love to see one.

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