Trying film again after years of shooting digital

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Re: Trying film again after years of shooting digital

Thanks for your reply. You are correct: kist of these could easily have been shot with Ektar, but as I have also said, taking photos of my grandson, even ISO 400 was not enough. It's the conundrum of film: you're stuck with whatever speed you choose. In any event, I wasn't really focused on the photos; I was more interested in the experience: how would it feel? What would be different?

Yes, I used to shoot essentially two films: Kodachrome 25 for color and Kodak Tri-X for black and white (as well las color print film in the 90s). In 1974, while in the UK for the summer, I experimented with a color slide film from a company called GAF. As I recall, it was rated at ISO 400 (or 400 ASA as we said back then), and the results were, by today's standards, abysmal. To be able to gain four stops on Kodachrome 25 while obtaining decent results was probably why I chose to user Portra 400 for my first tests a couple of years ago.

I did shoot some Ektar, and there are a couple of sample pages in the Photography section of my web site. For what it's worth, was not overly impressed with Ektar. I want to play around with a few rolls of Tri-X when I get the chance, and I'll probably get a couple of neutral density filters for doing that. If I have the filters, I'll probably stick with Portra 400; I like the colors a little bitbetter.


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