max sync speed on dp2quattro

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Re: max sync speed on dp2quattro

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I own a dp2quattro, I don't use it since I switched on a pro sony camera, but I am currently thinking about to reconvert it into a texture scanner, with a cross-polarization system.

If I remember well, this device with its leaf shutter can achieve high synchro speed with flash, wich would help me to take pictures with flash in outdoor conditions with very short exposure time.

Does anyone know how fast I can go ? I will need to find a way to use a ring flash I think.

According to the Imaging Resource review, it's up to 1/1,250th at f/2.8, 1/1,600th at f/4 and 1/2,000th at f/5.6 (or smaller, presumably):

That assumes that your flash duration is shorter than those speeds, of course.

Those are the maximum shutter speeds for those apertures and because it is a leaf shutter flash can be at those speeds too.


What if there's some delay in the activation of the flash?

Then you need a better flash or radio system. Much of a delay there would be problematic for many cameras though.

Really though the biggest issue is flash duration at full power. I think quite a few flashes have a full power duration of around 1/220 to 1/400 of a second. So with a leaf shutter  you can shoot faster than that (and not get weird lighting artifacts like a focal plane shutter) you will be reducing the amount of light contributed from the flash. The way around that is multiple flashes at partial power(less flash duration).


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