Extreme Teal&Orange mode (Warning: colors not for the faint of heart!)

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Re: Shield your eyes!!

G Radford wrote:

Cool shot! It appears to be a very vivid red on my monitor.

Thanks, but I think that "cool" is far too kind!  I was pleased by the Luminosity rendering though; I've been trying to make my Infracolour shots look like Infrared vs just colour toned.

One of the things that I love about IR photography is that you look for photo ops in a different way, I picked that shot because it was an oak and a pine together, I'd hoped that they may present different hues a la your photo below... unfortunately the entire scene was basked in strong sunlight, so there's just no subtlety; I went back the next day hoping to capture them side lit but at that time, the sun hides behind other trees. C'est la vie.

In my first attempt with the IR Chrome, on the sdQH, you can see lots of red and warm tones, bleeding into other areas of the image...way too much red for my liking.

Reminds me very much of the Full Spectrum images that my SD1M produces, especially if you change the WB in post. Does the IR Chrome require a Custom WB? If so what advantages do you see over Full Spectrum... I hope that you don't mind my picking your brain?!

Teal & Orange mode seems to sharply contrast infrared targets as red, and non-infrared targets as blue. Ontario landscapes are fairly bland this time of year, but the red/blue color contrast really pops, in T&O mode.

You make an interesting point, I'm normally removing Cyan from my shadows (099 shots), could be worth embracing!

Cheers Gary, and I hope that you'll continue to post your IR and Infracolour shots, it makes for nice reading when it's a fellow Foveon shooter!

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