Trying film again after years of shooting digital

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Re: Trying film again after years of shooting digital

Daniel wrote:

It's great that DPR added a film photography forum! I recently (well, two years ago) started shooting film again occasionally, and it's definitely fun. I have a web page that lists some of my observations about what it was like to take my 1974 Minolta ST-T-303 out of retirement and shoot a few rolls of Portra and Ektar with it. If you're interested, you can take a look here.

Happy shooting!


Hello Daniel, nice pictures, I especially liked the "signs of spring", lovely colours.

It did occur to me though that you indicated a preference for a "fast" film but all those pictures could easily have been shot on Ektar and would look even more impressive.

I do understand though, one of the problems in switching from digital to film is we get used to shooting at high ISO values without giving it much thought, and it is a fact most of us from an analogue background habitually used films at ISO 25 and ISO 125 was probably the norm for most amateurs.

I made the point on another forum that maybe, through rosy tinted glasses, we tend to forget that a lot of film was wasted in the old days with shots out of focus, blurred and the like.  A friend of mine has just taken up photography and is doing a short internet course.  She asked me how many usable pictures I would get from a roll of 36 exposures and I had to admit it was probably less than a dozen - before even auto exposure of course.

Having said that, I though I was never a pro, but I do remember on the odd occasion I absolutely had to get it right, and I always did...  That's the discipline of film.

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