16-35mm or 100-400mm

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Re: 16-35mm or 100-400mm

Trym wrote:

I have some gas and curious what you would do and why.

Got a deal on a new 100-400mm GM for about the same amount as i get the 16-35mm F4 + a teleconverter (1,4 or 2x) for my 70-200GM.

I know these are very different lenses but this is a hobby i truly enjoy so i am not making this consideration from a paid work point of view.

Mainly photograph a mix between family / kids photo, travel and landscape

Current setup: A7Riii, 24GM, 50Zeiss, 85GM, 2470GM and 70200GM

Alternative 1 16-35mm f4 + teleconverter

+ will be able to go UWA

+ 16-35mm is great for daylight general purpose and video

if you are going UWA I would consider the Tamron 17-28mm its less than the 16-35mm and its 2.8  mine is sharper than primes that I had in the same range   it was sharper than my 28mm f2  even when the 28mm f2 as stopped down to 2.8  and was even close to the 24mm 1.4 canon I still have even when the 24mm was stopped down as well.  I don't know if you are open to 3rd party lens or not but the two tamrons I have bought 17-28 and 28-75 have impressed me more than any sony native zooms  I have owned  they are simply stellar performers for less money than the native sony's  but that is completely up to you but it is an option to consider

yes you loose some focal 1mm on the wide and 28-35mm but you have that covered with your 24-70 GM

+ the teleconverter will give me the same focal lenght on my 70-200GM

- lack of sharpness above 200mm with telecon.

Alternative 2 100-400mm GM

about the same as above but the opposite

+ Good close focus

- Do not like that the lens extends

So, i am leaning towards the 1635 but the 100-400mm seems like a fun lens as well. What would you do?

personally I would go with an UWA and the TC  it gives you more versatility

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