XEON for video/image editing?

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Re: XEON for video/image editing?

foot wrote:

I've been looking for a new box to do video/image editing on, and have found some good deals on renewed intel XEON with 64 Gig of RAM. For < $700. It has a dedicated GPU but I'm not sure which one...I could replace it later on if need be


Is the XEON (8 cores/16 threads) still a viable choice? For the price...I'm sure it can easily be beat by newer boxes, but at a much steeper price point




It used to be a solid bet 4 years ago when consumer chips topped out at a quad core. But for context I bought an HP Z420 with a E5-1650 V2 which is only slightly slower than that computer for 350. 64GB of DDR is only 100 bucks, 32 is more than you need with that processor and it's 50.


You can still get it for 328 with Windows 10 pro with a base configuration (8GB RAM/HD) buy your own SATA SSD and some RAM and you're good to go.

So grab a 500-1TB SSD (90-160)

32GB RAM 50

And say a GTX1650 Super or RTX 2060 KO (160-300)

That's 628-838 which while a better deal than that Dell still is a hard sell today. At 628 it's not a horrible deal but as you go up in price you can buy a new computer from Dell even with a faster CPU, RAM, storage, and if not a faster GPU one that's close for similar money.

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