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Re: A handicapped sensor indeed...

Marco Nero wrote:

HaroldC3 wrote:

Canon shipped their lowest quality kit lens with their highest quality camera and expect people not to notice how bad it is. The camera needs quality glass to get the most out of the sensor and that kit lens is not even close.

Yes. I have always been critical of Canon for shipping their cheapest lenses as kit-lenses. One exception to this was when the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM lens was supplied for quite a while as the Kit-lens when the EOS M was first released.

That 22mm and the EF to EF-M adapter is how my M came.

Not exactly sure when the "kit" lens became a zoom.  My FTb came with a 50 1.8, and that was pretty much standard across platforms.  My AE-1 came with a 50.  I had two fixed lens compacts with a 35mm fixed lens, an old Yashika and a Olympus Stylus, gave me an appreciation for that focal length so the 22 seemed like an old friend.

I'm planning to pair it with an M100/200 for street photography.

But I would agree that Canon would attract serious photographers with a special kit featuring that 32mm and the M6 II.  Anything would be better than the 15-45.

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