A7RIV Batis 85 1.8 and sony 85 1.8

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Re: A7RIV Batis 85 1.8 and sony 85 1.8

Pennskull wrote:

Do anyone have shots with the A7RIV with the sony 85 1.8 and batis 85 1.8? I want to upgrade to the 7RIV from my 7RII but worried about the sharpness of those lenses. I rather not have to upgrade my lens arsenal, and the 85's are my bread and butter lenses.

Here's a bench test from Lens Rentals of both lenses. (The Batis ones are shown after the Sony, so scroll down).

You'll see that at the higher frequencies the Batis has much better resolution so will perform better on the A7rIV.

Additionally the Batis has IS, a mount gasket and better flare control. The 85FE was the lens that launched the famous stripe gate affair at the A7III launch, so it's internal baffling is definitely not the best.

Not crazy about the styling of the Batis, but of course you won't see that in the images.

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