Just remapped 5700's CCD.....

Started Oct 15, 2003 | Discussions thread
Pierre Meindre New Member • Posts: 5
Re: Just remapped 5700's CCD.....

Dave Van Patten wrote:

After much reading, thought and nail-biting, I just completed what
I think was a successful remap of my 5700.

I've done a remap on my 5700 yesterday without problems.
I use to have a bright green hot pixel that will show up in pictures
with dark background. Taking a shot with the cap on has also shown
about 5-6 other hot pixels of various colors.

I've first read the defect list from the camera and was a little surprised
to find it was already containing 512 extries in it. Did I bought a 5700
with a "bad" CCD ? I was wondering how many pixels other users
have found on their own camera ?

Anyway, I've remapped the thing and now have clean lens-cap shots.


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