M42 Orion Nebula with 400mm Lens

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Re: M42 Orion Nebula with 400mm Lens

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I looked at your trail image. There is a worm error, a pole axis misalignment error and a startup or flexing error. Looks like wind was not a problem. The spec of the Star adventurer is 28" p-p and 10 minute period, and this is what your trails look like. Your plate scale with the Sony A7 is about 2 arcsec per pixel. Stacking all images in Sequator will be OK. Since you used 30 sec subs, the individual shots should be as sharp as your lens and focus allow. I get this all the time (Z6 + Nikkor 180 mm f/2.8 on a Skytracker (30" p-p worm error and 9.3 minute worm period). Stack the 90 shots and share your results. Based on the 8 "good" ones. it should be impressive.

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Thanks for the information. This shoot was from 3 years ago so my memory is not that fresh on the details. I do know that out of 90 shots only 8 were even stackable, and I had to re-read what I wrote in the earlier posts to ascertain that information and jog my memory! The other 82 shots were too messed up. As I recall, back then I used a different combination of mounts on the tracker, and the setup was really wobbly. I’ve since started using a gimbal mount and have eliminated most of the wobbling. Maybe next winter I can try for a better set.

Jack, what stacking software did you use?

The stacking software is the key. I use Sequator, which is very efficient. From  a sequence of shots it selects the middle as reference, then works forward, then returns to the reference and works backwards. This takes advantage of the small shift between shots, It has some other features, like best shot selection, which eliminate airplanes, satellites  and hot pixels.

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