The X-T4 has arrived and it's mega

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The X-T4 has arrived and it's mega

If you're lucky enough to have put a deposit down or pre-ordered, you're in for a real treat. The X-T4 is an incredible camera that does everything well.

First impressions:

  • Just like with the new X100V (that's another home run for Fujifilm), the build quality has gone up a notch in fit and finish and the camera is gorgeous. The X-T4 has to be the most beautiful camera on the market.
  • Image quality is as you'd expect of Fujifilm 26MP X-Trans sensors, essentially excellent and top tier for APSC.
  • The extra size goes unnoticed. I have an X-T2 sitting next to it and I can't see any real difference unless I look for them.
  • The extra battery capacity is a huge benefit and now makes batteries a non-issues, exactly what batteries should be. Battery capacity anxiety is a thing of the past. Charging is via USBC and seems to charge quickly with an appropriate power source.
  • When the camera is off, the sensor moves an astonishing amount; it literally moves 2mm in each direction based on the direction you move the camera. Once powered on, the magnets hold it in the designated place and there is then obviously no movement.
  • IBIS works seamlessly; I didn't even know it was on until I tried taking some images with it off and experienced how shaky the images were in the EVF with it turned off. The Auto-ISO doesn't seem to be intelligent in using the IBIS so you'd be better off to force a low ISO limit so that it slows down the shutter instead of hiking the ISO (keep in mind your subject of course to match the appropriate shutter speed)
  • The video/picture dial is super intuitive and the perfect way to approach this problem. Well done Fujifilm!
  • The movie controls are new to me and I'm still learning them, but I love that the menu is all movie based with the switch in Movie mode so I can experiment without screwing up the image settings that I know much better.
  • Video quality with IBIS is exactly why I wanted this camera. It's smooth and easy to use and more than sufficient for video of my family members and dog. I already have the GFX50R and X100V, but the X-T4 will fill this gap in capability perfectly.
  • I don't like the screen for images, but it works very well for video, so for my purposes, it works well. I can see however that some will hate it, which is too bad because the camera is otherwise, perfect. 

Fujifilm is on a roll. They nailed it with the 50R, then the X100V and now they've nailed it with the X-T4. This camera is going to sell like crazy once we're all out of lockdowns. Buy yours now before the supply shortages kick in. My dealer in Hong Kong says the next batch of orders won't fulfill until June.

For those considering comparing the X-T4 to full frame, my household has an M10 and Sony A7R4, but if I was to only have one camera, I would choose the X-T4. It just does everything very well and is the perfect compromise for size, image quality, speed, aesthetics, and most importantly, we know from our experience with the X-T2, the form factor makes us want to take it out and use it.

I'll share a more full review on DPR and my website in a few weeks once I've had more time with the camera and can conduct proper tests of the IBIS, etc. For now, I hope it's ok to share some gear shots:

Excited to use the X lenses again after being deep in GF land for the past 1.5 years.

I can't think of a more beautiful camera on the market at the moment.

The 50R (sorry for being so dirty, I took it for a hike this weekend at the HK Geopark and haven't cleaned it up yet) dwarf the X-T4, but you can tell they're from the same bloodline.

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