Planning for my DSLR Future and I think it's the 7D Mark II

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Re: Planning for my DSLR Future and I think it's the 7D Mark II

gedansky wrote:

3) the seller is claiming the total number of shutter clicks to be about 1000 (pretty awesome). But, he is basing the number of clicks on the approximate number of times the camera was used, and how many shots taken. He's not showing actual proof of shutter usage and says he doesn't know how to find it. (If it's a matter of him purchasing software I'm not sure he would.)

For a high fps camera like the 7D2, I find it hard to believe that the shutter count is this low. That said, each shutter is rated to a couple hundred Ks.

Getting a camera like the 7D2 at such a low price, I do not really mind one that has been used quite a bit as long as the cosmetics pass the test, i.e. no major dings or scratches that indicate it has been abused and dropped.

4) He's almost an hour away and wants to meet in the middle (not too bad). But, carrying $1100 in cash and meeting a stranger in a parking lot (even for something this specific) seems a little unnerving.

I deal this way where I live. Main precaution I take is to meet somewhere public and well-lit. For safety reasons and for me to check the gear condition properly under good lighting.

As to whether to travel 1/2 or 1 hour to meet him... it really depends on how good the price is. $1,100 seems a little steep for the 7D2 + 18-135mm lens.

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