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RLight wrote:

pula58 wrote:

I had a G15 (still have it actually) that I bought used from KEH. Nice little camera.

I upgraded last autumn to the new G5X II.

I have been a little disappointed. I thought that with the much larger sensor that the photos would be dramatically better (clearer, sharper) and have less dynamic range problems. I take a lot of photos on backpacking and climbing trips, and it is very difficult to avoid blown-out highlights and/or shadows that get noisy if you try to lighten them up with software.

I just realized you're more a beginner from the number of posts and where you've posted...

Some advice: Learn to use the tool you have now. The G5X II is no slouch. I'm not saying don't do the G1X III, it's more powerful, but, utilize HTP with DR+2 highlight control to gain more dynamic range. Try Canon's DPP4 as Adobe will skew your colors while making edits. It's free.

Shoot RAW, if you don't.

Fine detail picture style is a good tool to further your highlight retention.

As a user of both the G5X II and G1X III, both can be made to do your bidding and lightroom can drop the ball as it has lesser support for newer CR3 enabled Canon's, which includes the G5X II so it's color fidelity is lacking which is probably hurting you (and others that don't know better).

Thanks..I may start playing around with the raw files and DPP4

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