Why do people recommend Dji Mavic 2 pro over Phantom 4 pro

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Re: Why do people recommend Dji Mavic 2 pro over Phantom 4 pro

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The fly more kit is a very good deal for just under $1k total.

The price of used Mavic pro 2 is already coming down due to this announcement. Mavic 2 pro fly more combo for $1200.

I might be from the old school but I am a strong believer that sensor size is more important then how many pixels they cram into a tiny chip. Even if you say that you'd be shooting mostly in daylight the larger 1"sensor of Mavic 2 will produce better photos than the sensor half that size.

That's the dilemma I found myself in. The new magic air2 has everything I am looking for but the 1-inch sensor in mavic2 pro is very attractive but not sure if I need it. I have spark and I only fly in good light.

If you are happy with IQ from your Spark you will be probably extatic with IQ from Air2😉.

IQ was not that good. I was barely getting by but with 4k on air2 and a little bigger sensor hoping it will be good enough. I will watch more videos on air2 before deciding.

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