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pula58 wrote:

I had a G15 (still have it actually) that I bought used from KEH. Nice little camera.

I upgraded last autumn to the new G5X II.

I have been a little disappointed. I thought that with the much larger sensor that the photos would be dramatically better (clearer, sharper) and have less dynamic range problems. I take a lot of photos on backpacking and climbing trips, and it is very difficult to avoid blown-out highlights and/or shadows that get noisy if you try to lighten them up with software.

I was thinking of trying a G1X III as it has a larger sensor (APS-C compared to the G5X II's "one inch")

Has anyone made the comparison (i.e., used) both of these cameras?

I own the G5X II now and owned the G1X III from when it launched till Q4 last year.

How do they compare in terms of: auto-focus sharpness

G1X III has better video AF, but that's it. As far as still and even AI-Servo tracking, the G5X II is equal (ai-servo) or better in the case of single-shot AF in particular.

dynamic range?

G5X II I'd actually give that medal to from my post-processing latitude I've gotten.

low-light performance ?

Close draw. Might actually side with the G5X II here too interestingly enough; better low light AF, and smarter noise reduction both courtesy of the DIGIC8 (probably).


To be direct; the G5X II sits right between the G15 and G1X III in terms of image quality, you are correct with your hunch. You need to take DR and ISO out of the equation for a minute.

The G1X III has 4 more megapixels, but more importantly, has better colors, bokeh drawing, 500-100 more lines of resolution between that larger denser sensor and probably "better" lens. It gives a more DSLR/Mirrorless feel to it's images, without a doubt. The G5X II, gives more powershot-like shots, until you post-process them. Interestingly that makes a pretty big difference for the G5X II (post-processing) whereas it makes less of a difference for the G1X III in terms of meeting the bar for acceptable image quality. I do use Canon DPP4 though, which is a turnoff to most folks but it preserves Canon colors, which is vital here (IMO).

I used to own the G1X III and now own the G5X II. Pocket ability was the driver towards the G5X II. I almost repurchased the G1X III this round. Actually glad I didn't, the G5X II suits my personal needs better.

If you're not happy with the results from the G5X II, the G1X III should be on your radar. I can say the G1X III does not disappoint in that regard. It's not pocket-able like the G5X II, or has the reach, but truthfully I don't need the reach as often as I thought, but pocket ability? Yeah, that's a real world problem the camera solves; staying out of the picture...

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