Calibration of Monitor, is Gamma or Colour temperature most important?

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Re: Calibration of Monitor, is Gamma or Colour temperature most important?

Austinian wrote:

Mihle wrote:

LG 32UD89, , Colormunki Display, Displaycal
I mean the monitor have Gamma modes in the settings, and internet says to put it at the one called 2.2 but this monitor, they are just called 1, 2, 3 and 4 and not what they are supposed to be.

There is no setting on monitor that is specifically called 2,2. Gamma modes in monitor is just called 1, 2 3 and 4. and I am trying to figure out what is best, so running validation on them before profiling and stuff.

One of the modes is most correct gamma curve but because White point adjustment is what it is, at full brightness, the colour temperature is little bit off other places. The other is colour temperature is better but gamma is worse.

I am aiming for 6500k and 120 cd/m as that is what is recommended for posting photos on the web.

I have a LG 32UD89. The owner's manual seems to suggest gamma Mode 4:

"If you do not need to adjust the gamma settings, select Mode 4."

However, using the gamma test image from:

it looks to me like Mode 2 gives me the closest to gamma 2.2, and what I get from DisplayCAL's log file is:

13:48:31,388 Current calibration response:
13:48:31,388 Black level = 0.0608 cd/m^2
13:48:31,388 50% level = 17.53 cd/m^2
13:48:31,388 White level = 80.54 cd/m^2
13:48:31,388 Aprox. gamma = 2.20
13:48:31,388 Contrast ratio = 1325:1

Hope this helps. FWIW, Mode 4 is pretty close too, and the choice may come down to individual monitors.

Oh, nice, didnt see that in the manual. On mine Mode 4 is closest on gamma (but worse on colour temperature) than mode 2.
That image does not work for me or I do something wrong, I just go after what Displaycal says.
Yours have little bit more contrast than my monitor, dont know if its because you have the brightness set lower, but I get about 1244:1

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