My new X-A3 is really unuseable in sunlight..............

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Re: My new X-A3 is really unuseable in sunlight..............

Veducci wrote: most viewfinder-less cameras are. The Fuji XA line screens might be even the worse ones as I recall my X-A1 wasn`t good in the sun either.

I received the camera (new) a few days ago and I was perfectly satisfied with it until I took it outdoors on a sunny day and just couldn`t see a thing on the screen. I instantly had thoughts of returning it and springing for the next step up in the Fuji line for the least costly model with a 24mp sensor and a VF.

Then I remembered I had a shoe mount "Clearviewer " stashed somewhere among my old photo gear accessories and voila , a perfect fit and match for this camera.

I`m up in age now and the expanded view of the screen and the extra stabilizing point against my eye makes it a tremendous improvement and easier shooting experience for me. It slips on and off in a couple seconds and it folds flat and slips into the watch pocket in my jeans. It also eliminates a need for eyeglasses .

I suppose I now have to disavow any connection to whoever makes this device . I just wanted to post this as a reminder that all is not lost and there are workarounds for those of us who are frugal with our photo budget.

The new x-a7 and x-t200 have incredibly good screens, I am amazed at my x-t200 screen and it doesn't need any assistance outside in daylight!

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