Photozone really hates Fuji, don't they?

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Re: Actually, Photozone/Optical Limits is one of the best

In my view, Optical Limits are the best of the review sites that work from single copies. Lens Rentals, who work from multiple copies, are unmatched of course.

In my view the closest to Optical Limits is Lenstip. I actually prefer some aspects of Lenstip's methodology, but find Optical Limits much more consistent in their ratings of lenses, and what they criticise and praise.

They do have certain house effects. For example, Optical Limits don't like software corrected distortion, but they don't mind a bit of field curvature. That's a slightly old fashioned view of what a good lens looks like, but I can respect that. Lenstip have their own bugbears - particularly the cost of Fuji lenses, which seems to be rather high in Poland.

The main issue I have with Lenstip is the fact they don't always seem to understand what they're measuring, which gives me little confidence when their results aren't backed up by other sites.

For example, they don't adjust focus for field curvature, which means they down-rate some very fine wide angle lenses, almost all of which have pronounced field curvature (as well as the Fuji 18-55, which has a very curved field at 18mm).

Another example is that they complain about the difference between peak sharpness and sharpness in the corners on modern mirrorless cameras, without seeming to realise this is just a function of the higher pixel pitch and lack of an AA filter (both of which contribute greatly to peak sharpness, but little to sharpness at the edges of the frame). The new lenses aren't weaker on the edges, they're simply being sampled better in their sweetspots and are returning better results for that reason.

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