Anyone reversed lens on 300D?

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Re: Anyone reversed lens on 300D?

Yes, I think you've found the 'creme de la creme' of reversing there which includes an adaptor for the rear of the lens to convey all the digital info back to the camera body. The reversing i've done in the past was a lot cruder and you had to manual focus. A pentax reversing ring was in the 10s of dollars, not hundreds I believe....

But...can you set the aperture on the EF-S lens without using the body? Can you on any of the other Canon lenses or does it have to be done via the body? I think you'd need that so maybe its an EF thing. it shouldn't matter actually other than that as the lens is attached by the filter ring at the front, not the lens mount at the back so you could even reverse a Pentax lens or whatever with the right attachment.

henchook wrote:

Paul Donovan wrote:


I haven't seen any posts yet (especially not with pics which would
be ideal) of a case where someone has reversed a lens on the 300D.
Presumably its possible with an EF fitting reversing ring?]

I would have thought this would be a cheap and good way for people
with 300D to get into macro without significant additional



I rooted around, and eventually found this:
I don't see why it shouldn't work with the 300D (at least with EF
lenses, maybe even with the EF-S too), but at € 279,00 it's
definitely not a cheap way to get into macro photography.


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