Panasonic GX7II (GX85, GX80) is a wonderful camera

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Touch AF has a weird behavior

I had another related thread about a weird issue so I will link to it from this thread.

GX85, GX7II touch screen focus question

Something strange and very annoying is happening with my camera. I have all the touch AF settings turned off:

  • Custom settings (C wrench) -> Touch Settings -> Touch AF OFF
  • Custom settings (C wrench) -> Touch Settings -> Touch Pad AF OFF

I just use the small central AF square and when I want to move it I use the 4 rear buttons in the circle -- same as I do with my various Olympus cameras. But, what is very annoying is that if I move the AF square using the 4 buttons any touch to the screen will cause the AF square to move even though I have that disabled in the menu. Have I missed something additional in the menu to turn this off? Note, that if I do not move the AF point using the 4 rear buttons that AF square will not move when I touch the screen.

I have Touch AF turned off and yet it suddenly gets turned on. I shoot with my left eye so the AF point constantly gets moved to random places and it usually happens at the worst possible moment when I am trying to quickly get a shot.

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