Calibration of Monitor, is Gamma or Colour temperature most important?

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Re: Calibration of Monitor, is Gamma or Colour temperature most important?

PatMann wrote:

I suggest posting this in the printers and printing forum - most of the color workflow questions show up there.

This is about monitor not printer.

Ken60 wrote:

What monitor, what calibrator and software....?

If you are adjusting these settings in the software, and your monitor has no LUT, then I would say set it for iits native settings and allow the calibration software that you run during the profiling to sort this. Last thing you want to do is adjust and adjustment.

If you are looking as colour temp in the profiling software , then a lot use D65 but it depends on where you prints are to be viewed or printed. In My i1 Pro profilier I use D65 , Gamma 2.2 , 100cdm2.

LG 32UD89, , Colormunki Display, Displaycal
I mean the monitor have Gamma modes in the settings, and internet says to put it at the one called 2.2 but this monitor, they are just called 1, 2, 3 and 4 and not what they are supposed to be.

SC489 wrote:

Set your monitor to gamma 2.2 and custom colour balance using the RGB sliders if you have that option. I then use Spyder colour calibration to set a gamma of 2.2, brightness 90Cd/m2 and a colour temperature of 5000K. This requires the monitor's RGB colour sliders to be adjusted iteratively to set the correct brightness and colour temperature.

There is no setting on monitor that is specifically called 2,2. Gamma modes in monitor is just called 1, 2 3 and 4. and I am trying to figure out what is best, so running validation on them before profiling and stuff.

One of the modes is most correct gamma curve but because White point adjustment is what it is, at full brightness, the colour temperature is little bit off other places. The other is colour temperature is better but gamma is worse.

I am aiming for 6500k and 120 cd/m as that is what is recommended for posting photos on the web.

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