Canon DPP Cloud Processing for 1Dx MkIII

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Re: Canon DPP Cloud Processing for 1Dx MkIII

John_Hoffman wrote:

(Per Inge Oestmoen):

"Why is DPP's premium noise reduction feature
cloud based, rather than built into the program?"

Quite possibly because the computing resources
required are such that the minimum computer
requirements for DPP would not support it.

The question is this: Why would Canon bother to introduce a cloud service and use their resources for establishing that service unless they could derive a future profit from it? Does that make sense?

Realistically, there is no reason why a noise reduction algorithm cannot be optimized to be capable of being used by normal computers.

The explanation may be different, and rather more sinister:

Canon is testing the reaction of their customers. If the customers accept that the premium noise reduction function is cloud-based and requires an internet connection in order to be used, Canon may later go on and make the whole of the DPP cloud- and subscription based.

Cloud-based computing, where the users of software are forced to be dependent on internet connections and paid subscriptions in order to use their own machines and access their own data, is a potential cash cow for software companies. We are prudent in signalling both to Canon and other companies that such dependency is unacceptable.

Per Inge Oestmoen, Norway

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