Nikon D750 vs D780

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Re: Nikon D750 vs D780

Luke Sezeck wrote:

I am thinking about the change from Nikon D750
to D780 equipment. Does anyone have experience
in this aspect. How is it? Is it worth spending
these several hundred euros? Or its better now
to change entire gear for Nikon Z mirorless?

If video is very important, and at least as important as still images, the D780 is no doubt the better choice.

If still images are most important, the D750 has a major advantage over the D780:

The D750 allows the use of a vertical grip with shutter button and controls which makes shooting in the vertical position much more comfortable and stable, particularly during prolonged shooting.

The D780, incomprehensibly, cannot use vertical grips with controls since it lacks the contacts needed for this. That means vertical shooting with the D780 forces the user to twist his or her hand joint, whereas the D750 shooter has the option of a functional vertical grip. Equally incomprehensible, the mirrorless models Z6 and Z7 also lack the option of a true vertical grip with controls.

The D850 has this option. That is why the D850 is still the best of the high-resolution cameras from Nikon, and it also has 4K video. A vertical grip is a considerable advantage for anyone who often shoots in the vertical position.

Per Inge Oestmoen, Norway

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