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Sorry for the out of topic, but since you are into macro and have the G5x2, can you tell the longest focal length where the closest focus distance is 5cm ?

On the G7x lens it is around 16.5mm (~45mm in full frame equivalence) and it is where the camera achieves the greater magnification.

A tip : on G7x2 you can register this focal length into the C mode for quick macro. It is likely still possible with the new camera.

Canon Korea has it...

The G5X II has twice the macro over the G7X I-III / G5X I lens.

Best viewed translated.

Thank you for your answer, but it is not the data I was looking for. I want to know the focal length where you have the highest magnification.

On G7x, it is at 16,5mm, where the camera is still able to focus as close as 5cm, and with the help of digital magnification, the results can be quite interesting :

I am just wondering if the new lens retain this capability.


I'll add to my test list. Although I'm going to have to figure out a way to benchmark it...

Thinking stabilized (on a table) with preset focals and manual focus.

If it is like the G7x2, using the zoom lever, the minimum focus distance is displayed below the zoom bar indicator.

If not displayed, may be on manual focus, set at the minimum focus distance, you zoom and see when the focus jump.

Per the distance indicator, the closest focusing focal is 8.8mm with 5cm.

No “sweet spot”. At least not that I could tell.

Now I could ignore what the indicator says and take a more scientific approach? But if you’re telling me your indicator reflects reality than mine says no help there (with using a middle focal of some kind to give greater magnification).

Thank you.

That is disapointing. That means G7x has better max magnification. I am not saying better macro ability as it is a mixed bag : G7x has better magnification and perspective at 5cm is interesting, but so close it can be chalenging because of shadows from the camera, and also with live subjects. That said, it is something to consider for someone interested in macro and choosing between G7x3 and G5x2.

I have never verified if the focus indicator is reliable. That said, the focus lenses can definitly access more postions at 16mm than at 17mm. Below a video of focus distance available.

Also, for the record, a previous post from me where I discussed G7x close up ability at various focal lengths.

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